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Baby Number Three!

We feel beyond blessed to finally share that we will be bringing a third little Havens babe into the world this November!

We decided just before Christmas that we felt ready (whatever ready means – ha!) for another baby. We always knew we would want more than 2 but for some reason, saying it out loud that we were ready for a third was really hard. Maybe it’s the being outnumbered, maybe it’s Elle not being the “baby” anymore, but either way, we took our time and waited until the time felt right.

So in late February, when I was feeling incredibly dizzy all the time, I was sure I was pregnant. I’d never had that symptom before but had googled (haha obviously) and early pregnancy came up. I took a test and it was negative. As the week went on I was feeling feverish. I checked and didn’t have a fever but it was for sure higher than my normal resting temp. I googled again, it said pregnancy, I tested again, it said negative. Then on a Friday, we were at an indoor play place with the kids. On the drive home, I was feeling so nauseous, so I asked Zach to stop so we could grab a test. I decided that if I wasn’t pregnant I either had the flu or something was seriously wrong and I needed to lie down. I took the test as soon as we got home and sure enough, positive!! So I did what any normal person would do and facetimed my sister. Looking back I feel a little bad that she knew before my husband, but I was just going completely crazy and had to tell someone right that second. As soon as she picked up I gave her the “shhhh” signal and held up the test. It was hilarious because we were both jumping up and down, dancing and freaking out in complete mime so that my husband wouldn’t hear yet. We hung up and I collected myself and went back into the hall. I always like to tell my husband in a fun or unique way so I was praaaying he forgot about the test or thought I would just take it later on and I would think of a fun plan for later that night. The minute he saw a glimpse of me he casually asked, “So, what’s the verdict?”. I froze, didn’t say anything for what felt like a whole minute and then just nodded yes. I think we were both unsure how to act. Dex was right there and we didn’t want him to know about the baby yet, but we were both so happy and excited. We slowly walked to each other and hugged and cried without many words. Just holding each other and letting the blessing and also the reality of another new baby sink in. It’s funny because it was so different than finding out the other two times, but so special in it’s own way. It might sound strange but I think I felt more joy with this positive test than I have with the other two. As offensive to my other kids as that sounds, it’s actually because of them that I felt so excited. They have shown me and are examples of what comes 9 months after that plus sign and I sometimes can’t believe we will soon have another sweet babe to love.

There are only 22 months between Dexter and Elle, so we are really excited that they (mostly Dex) will be able to understand what’s going on. To include them in this pregnancy and get them involved in preparing for this babe will be so special and something we haven’t experienced before.

I’m 14 weeks and are officially due November 8th. We can’t wait to meet our newest little love.

Thank you so much for reading and celebrating with us!


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