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First Trimester Recap

So, everyone said the first trimester would fly by faster and faster with each pregnancy but this totally did not! I think because we waited to tell the kids until almost week 12, that made it feel like forever. But here I am, out of the first trimester, feeling blessed, thankful and super nauseous!
 I thought I would do a little first trimester recap on the blog. I’ve blogged throughout my other pregnancies and have loved the process of recording and reading back all the little details. I often lack blogging inspiration, and I think it’s because I overthink the whole thing, worrying about what other people want to read or how helpful and informative so and sos blog post was and how my photography isn’t great, BUT when I’m pregnant, writing/blogging becomes so natural because none of those things matter. This is for me, and my family and our third little baby.

This pregnancy has been super different than my other two. My symptoms other than nausea, have been all over the place from feeling fevered to having NO appetite at all (even today at 15 weeks) and sneezing ALL THE TIME!  I have felt more tired this pregnancy than I ever have in my whole life (including post-partum) but I think that has a LOT more to do with my two toddlers than the actual baby growing part. My uterus and non-existent ab muscles had NO issue remembering what to do once a baby was in there and some days, after a good meal, I easily look 6 months pregnant. We unintentionally waited until 14 weeks to announce this pregnancy and it has been HARD to hide this. I’m 15 weeks now but wrote this draft back at 12 weeks.
Due date: November 8th 2017.

How far along: 12 weeks (currently I’m 15).

Gender: unknown! for now..more on that in another post 😉 I have no guesses. I was SURE it was a girl at the beginning, and then when I started to really break out (like I did with Dex) I was sure it was a boy and now I’m back to having no idea.
Size of the baby: lime.
Movement:  I swore I felt a little flutter or two on Easter Sunday and again a week later I thought I felt some rolling and bumping going on in there. Turns out it was totally wishful thinking, because I didn’t feel anything after that and am still waiting on those first little movements.
Total weight gain so far: 8 lbs!  I have no appetite at all but eating is about the only thing that makes my nausea subside so I’ve been eating a lot! It’s so weird though, I just feel mediocre about all food. Like it will look okay but then eating it is like eating plain oatmeal. I feel no enjoyment really. Also have the shortest torso of life so between the 8 lbs and being 5’2″, it’s all just very obvious that I’m pregnant.
Favourite maternity clothes right now: I don’t have any yet but I feel like I need (and want!) maternity pants already. My first two pregnancies, I felt all proud that I didn’t spend much money on maternity clothing. This time around, I know the freedom and comfort of just going straight to the big old stretchy elastic waistband and I am ready for that like now.
Stretch marks: So far none. Found the most amazing stretch mark cream though that I can’t wait to share with you guys.
Sleep: I had one night of horrible insomnia but thankfully that was it. I don’t wake up feeling well rested or anything but I think that’s just my permanent state at this point. I’ve been using lavender essential oil every night on my pillow and diffused in the air.

Mood:  UGH guys. Soooo up and down. I cry at every song ever. Literally lost it listening to “Do You Want To Build a Snowman” the other day (seriously, when you think about poor Anna after the parents die, it’s the saddest thing ever). I just cry a lot. I’ve been irritable a lot lately, but I think that has to do with feeling nauseous and sick all the time. You know when you’re feeling car sick and someone keeps talking to you and then the driver breaks a little too abruptly and you literally feel like screaming, it’s kinda like that all day.  😉

Food cravings: When I’m not feeling completely indifferent about food I reach for pretzels, lemonade, sour patch kids, veggies and dip, this Olive Garden salad that we recreate at home, ice, freezing cold water, apples, anything really cold. Still not really feeling chicken/beef or anything creamy or spicy or that has a weird texture (oatmeal).
Favourite moment this week: Absolutely it was telling the kids. We were both so nervous (as evidenced by our obnoxious parent voices) to tell them but it was super sweet. (see video below).

Recent baby purchase: Nothing yet but first on my list is a pregnancy sleeping pillow. I’ve loved this one in the past but would love your recommendations! I’ve also switched over to gummy prenatal vitamins and will never look back! They don’t bug my tummy as much as my old ones did and they go nicely with my candy craving.
Nursery plans:  None yet. Heck, Elle is almost two and I don’t know if I would call her nursery finished. We are thinking of doing something a little different this time and I can’t wait to share some of our inspiration.
Thanks so much for reading.
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  • Reply t

    Where did you find prenatal Gummies? I tried to find them during my first pregnancy with no luck. However I’d love to know for next time! Congrats on baby #3!

    May 26, 2017 at 1:06 am
    • Reply brittanie

      hey girl! I just got mine at Walmart! I know target and costco also have a good selection!

      June 14, 2017 at 1:27 am

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