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Gender Reveal – It’s a GIRL!

It’s a GIRL! We found out the gender of our third little babe and are so happy to say we’ve got a healthy, wiggly, GIRL in there! I wanted to share a little about our experience finding out and also share our reveal photos taken by the most talented Natalie Young of Mint Photography!

I was so nervous for our ultrasound! I’m always nervous but I was especially nervous that we would soon be finding out the gender of our little babe. The tech is aways so quiet and I never want to bug them while they are doing their job so I didn’t say much until the end when I asked “do you feel like you were able to confirm the gender?”. The tech replied with a half laugh and an “oh yeah!”. Like, I SUUUURE could see the gender. To which I immediately think, it’s a BOY!! Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly, and we got some super cute photos and our envelope and left. We drove home just totally going nuts about the fact that we had the gender in our hands. I’m sure this is all NOT that big of deal, but it was like in that moment, I was feeling all of the emotions that I usually feel right before the final push when my babies are born. That “this is it!” feeling. Just sitting right there in my hands.

I called my midwife quickly when I got home because (it’s a long and semi-embarrassing story) I thought I saw something on the ultrasound tech’s report that she left sitting there. Something she didn’t check off that concerned me, and I just wanted to ask about before opening the envelope. She assured me that the report was in her hands and that all looked perfect..so it was time!

We had planned on doing something big and exiting to find out. Planning and recording it and all that stuff,  but in the moment, my husband suggested the four of us sit, just us, and open it together and that just felt so right. A pure, undocumented moment that would be kept safe in our hearts and memories. Zach and I prayed together, just thanking God for a healthy babe, grabbed the kids, got comfy on the bed and all made our final guesses (for the record Elle was the only one who guessed right).   I was so anxious I almost couldn’t let him open it. I think I kept stopping him and saying “hold on, I need a second” Then he would open the envelope a little more and I’d yell “STOP, wait..I can’t..one minute!” (I know, my husband’s patience is next level, I am a total crazy lady in moments like these and I know it).

We all closed our eyes as he opened the envelope and all looked together just as he unfolded the paper. My eyes saw GIRL and my brain was like struggling to process. I put my face in my hands and screamed when I found out, completely traumatizing my kids I’m sure, but I couldn’t help it. I was SURE this baby was a boy! Like so sure. I’m still like 35% sure they got it wrong and half preparing for it to be a boy in November.  The build up of the moment was just so exciting and all at once, sisters flashed before my eyes (I have a sister and she is honestly my life and best friend and soul mate – hi Ains) and I just couldn’t believe it.

We hugged and cried and it was just an awesome moment that I will never forget!

One of my best friends, Natalie (Mint Photography) helped us with our reveal photos and oh man, that’s a whooole other story to tell but, we love how they turned out!  Let’s just say the smoke completely terrified Elle (like screamed and wanted to crawl on top of my head), and Dex liked it so much we couldn’t make him look away (toward the camera) at all. But that’s kids, and this is our life and these photos tell the true story of our little family right now. Happy and messy and imperfect but totally in love with the stage we are in.

Thanks so much for reading!






Oh also – a couple people have asked..The heart rate wives tale was WAY off (she was 135bpm in the ultrasound) BUT someone did message me about the Ramzi theory and that one was totally right (same with Chinese gender calendar – which is a first for me).



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  • Reply Alyssa

    These are beautiful! I know this is an older post but I’m preparing for some gender reveal pictures and wanted to know where you got the smoke bomb from! I’m from London too and was wondering if there was anywhere local I could grab them before waiting on shipping. Thanks!

    July 1, 2018 at 10:16 pm
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