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Family Life

Our Family Photos with Mint Photography

Okay – I’m so excited! These family photos may or may not be the very reason I started this blog. As soon as I saw (and loved) them, I knew that I had to post them all. I could feel it, my overgramming was about to reach an unhealthy level and surely anyone following me on instagram would run for their lives away from my feed and never return. I love photos, they have memories attached to them, memories I want to write down and remember. So here I am, shamelessly posting as many family photos as I want on my new blog. Of course, I’ve blogged in the past, and after taking a long break, these photos reminded me of why I truly love blogging; to document and share and save our family memories. To be able to look back on these days for years to come and to write again, even if it’s just for me. I used to get so caught up in all the “Ways to be the best blogger ever!”/”How I made a bajillion dollars after three months of blogging” posts and while some thrive off of that challenge, it actually made me feel stuck and stressed and afraid to start something that I knew I loved, for fear of it not being…enough.

I think these photos mean so much to me because to be honest, we’ve been going through a bit of a tough time as a family the last couple of months. Nothing too serious, but enough to really get us down. I’ve had a bunch of negative self talk lately, and a lot of stress, worry and just feeling blah about everything. I saw these photos and my first reaction was “Wow, Natalie made us look like a really happy and carefree family!” But as I scrolled, I realized that this is the true us. Not the lies I sometimes believe. We are not a family defined by stress and hard times, we are a family who laughs and genuinely smiles and plays and feels joy in the midst of our circumstance. And I guess I hadn’t seen it all laid out in a photo in a long time.

I am so grateful to Mint Photography for taking these photos. Photos that caused me to feel more grateful than I have in a long time and that inspired me to get back into something I love regardless of whether I’ve got it all together or not.

havens-family-115-of-119 havens-family-106-of-119 havens-family-97-of-119 havens-family-96-of-119 havens-family-84-of-119 havens-family-68-of-119
havens-family-66-of-119 havens-family-65-of-119
havens-family-58-of-119 havens-family-56-of-119
mnt_9108-3havens-family-10-of-119 havens-family-117-of-119havens-family-54-of-119 havens-family-81-of-119 havens-family-86-of-119 havens-family-92-of-119 havens-family-102-of-119 havens-family-105-of-119
havens-family-65-of-119-1 havens-family-71-of-119

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